Floor Finish Blog Posts

9 Aug

I have done a series of blog posts on floor finish. There are millions of dollars spent on floor finish each year but there are few that understand how it works. In these posts, I hope to help you understand some of the basic concepts behind how floor finish works to not only protect your floor but make it look great. I will be adding to these from time to time, so check back often.

You can find links to the articles below and enjoy! Make sure to leave your comments and questions in the comments area below each post!

Floor Finish Solids Explained

One of the big questions when it comes to floor finish is “What does the solids percentage mean?” This should help you understand that the solids are what you are really paying for when buying floor finish.

What Makes Floor Finish Shine?

Everyone seems to be judged on the appearance of their floors and their shine. Here you will learn why floors shine.

Floor Finish Burnishing

Burnishing is the best way to maintain the shine of floor finish, but it also makes cleaning much easier too. Learn why it works in this post.

Floor Sealer and Should You Use It?

Floor Sealer for vinyl tile is one of the great debates in floor care. Learn why you should or should not use it here.

How Many Coats of Floor Finish Do You Need?

Using a microscope, I take a look at what floor finish looks like up close. See for yourself what the coats of finish look like as they are applied to the floor.


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